16 Aug 2015 - Annakut Darshan & Aarti

A beautiful Annakut Celebration was held in the presence of the new murti’s of Shree Thãkorji, Gunãtitãnand Swãmi, and Gopãlãnand Swãmi at Anoopam Mission UK. Sahebji, Hariprasad Swamiji, and santos from all over the world were also present to grace this very first annakut in the new mandir.

As an offering of devotion, a grand annakut feast was laid out in front of Shree Thãkorji – with an assortment of foods and beverages which had been lovingly prepared by haribhakto from various mandals and beautifully arranged in a colourful display.

The Murti Prãn Pratishthã celebrations beautifully ended on that day with every single devotee given the opportunity to perform the Aarti.